Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Fashion is awash in orange, splashing through the color palette in a burst of melon, salmon, pumpkin, orange juice, lemony orange, sherbet tints, mango and intensive vibrant orange. Just wearing this shade will give you a boost of optimism and happiness, because orange combines the vibrancy and energy of red with the sunshine feel-good of bright yellow, a color that dispels rays that brighten any day.
BRIGHT INTENSE ORANGE is a powerful color and as such women sometimes shy away from it, thinking they cannot wear it. This is not true. Bright orange is a standout color, remember it has a base of show-stopper red. It says you're an extrovert, a go-getter, an individual who has fashion savvy. Wearing intense orange can pump up any basic wardrobe and boost your confidence and optimism. Bright intense orange also works well in combination with colors plucked from autumn leaves. Think of adding forest green, goldenrod, crimson or brown to the mix. A sporty jacket in terracotta with forest green pants and a bright orange turtleneck looks rustic and outdoorsy. It says you're approachable and friendly. The same is true for men working in creative fields and the corporate world. They too can adopt autumn colors in wardrobe separates for weekend wear and continue to make a statement on casual Fridays. CITRUS CHIC To tame the flame of bright orange other options are available from flattering tints to soft earth shades. However, you don't have to look like Halloween or a Thanksgiving pumpkin, instead just like an artist's palette you can reflect nature in all its autumn glory. Artists of the Hudson River School were colorful interpreters of America's autumn countryside. In the painting, "Autumn" 1853, the artist, Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900) in his desire to portray a true American landscape created a masterpiece, a brilliant evocation of fall, portraying a season whose colors are a sublime vision of harmonized tones:copper, forest green, burnt sienna, and brilliant crimson give forth a spectacular panorama in the full triumph of autumn’s resplendent hues. Similarly fashion also takes its inspiration from nature and offers a wide range of orange possibilities. Visualize the autumn leaves that inspire flattering shades of burnt peachy rust and brown basted orange and golden sunlight.
FASHION FORWARD A tailored wool dress in a deep rust shade is conservative. It says you're serious and businesslike, a person who is warm-hearted and a good team player. You're gregarious personality who keeps everyone snapping to attention in an atmosphere of cooperation that makes work far more pleasant each day. Why? Because deep rust has the energy of red with the grounding of brown in its formula and like autumn leaves you project a powerful multi-faceted persona. Pumpkin looks chic and sophisticated in a blazer coordinated with steel gray wool pants and a shimmering gray silk blouse. The look has executive punch and is elegant for town wear. Add a gray suede tote and you're ready from day into night with a powerful sense of well being. Men also look great in autumnal colors. A deep pumpkin, suede bomber jacket with gray trousers and a gray turtleneck says he's coordinated with executive punch for casual Fridays.
EVENING ALLURE By evening the desire for more sumptuous outfits calls for a dramatic approach to enriching your image. The total effect of amber has stunning impact, especially on auburn haired women. Wear a shimmering amber rust taffeta strapless evening gown with a matching stole and sweep onto the dance floor as your magnetic charm garners all eyes' approval. Add a necklace of Russian amber jewelry and the look is elegant and breathtaking. Be adventurous and don't be intimidated by orange. Tints of peach, coral and cantaloupe are dainty, feminine versions of orange that create a sunny disposition for any woman and give you a springy upbeat look. A creamy peach silk blouse softens a black suit and transforms it into an ensemble for a night on the town. Wear coral with brown and its warm glow says you're down to earth and reliable. Get on the wild side of fashion and coordinate with orange handbag and shoes coordinates fashioned in leopard spots or tiger prints. A classic blazer in a zesty shade of bright orange, tangerine or dazzling reddish orange may be all you’ll need to spring forward as a savvy fashionista. ACCESSORIES ADD PUNCH Orange is definitely on trend and has managed to touch everything from jewelry to handbags, scarves and shoes. An injection of orange into your accessories wardrobe is all that is needed to punch up the benefits of looking perky and positively citrus chic.


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